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The Founder

The Founder

“Until you don’t start, you will never know where exactly you have to go”

There’s always more to an entrepreneur than meets the eye. And such is our Founder and Managing Director Mr. Ankit Baradia.
Ankit’s completed his MBA from International Business Symbiosis followed by Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Application. After having his fair share of work experience with an International Shipping Company, the idea and passion to start something innovative intrigued him, making him quit his job.
After some research and guidance from his sister with an established name in the jewellery industry, Ankit stepped into the world of mined diamond jewellery. He spent some time understanding the depth and detailing of diamonds. Soon he had his own factory leading to a well-set business.
On one of his international trips, Ankit came across a company who were the pioneer in lab grown diamonds. It helped him understand the lab-grown diamond industry better, leading to the foundation of Better Earth. With his belief, persistence and an urge to do something for the environment, Ankit started his journey of making lab grown diamonds.
Who doesn’t love a diamond? But, little do we know that these diamonds are mined by innocent children working in hazardous and unhealthy surroundings of Africa – the world’s largest producer of diamonds. Ankit’s objective is to switch to an eco-friendly method of lab grown diamond and curb the forced child labour as far as possible, with a 40% cost reduction for the end consumers.

Let's make their future bright

At Better Earth, we are committed to using resources wisely and protecting the planet. For every piece of Better Earth collection sold, a part of the proceeds will be donated to the fund program focusing on education.