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It’s our responsibility to give something back to our society. And that’s the foundation principle of Better Earth. It brings to you finely lab grown gem quality diamonds which are not just eco-friendly but easy on your pockets.
If we don’t save our environment for our future generations, who else will? Our diamonds are hewn with an essence of art, technology and purity for an audience with principles and ethics. We offer the best of both worlds – fine diamonds with sustainable practices.
With a decade old experience in the earth mined diamond industry, the team at Better Earth is dedicated to bring about a change in the age-old perception and techniques, giving customers a better alternative to earth mined ones. Our manufacturing facility is located in Mumbai with topmost production quality standard and environment. An ardent follower of six sigma process, we promote zero tolerance in all our processes, reshaping the diamond industry. The gold used in our jewellery undergoes vigilant testing to avert any Iridium adulteration which causes skin allergy and rashes. As a part of our corporate social responsibility, we have tied up with Abhilaasha Foundation to support child education. The little kids reside in the Mumbai slum areas and are unable to afford private schools. Hence, we have curated a special Better Earth Collection, where every purchase made; a part of that amount will be donated for the welfare and education of these kids.

Vision To Make Lab Grown Diamonds acceptable as an alternative to earth mined diamonds, contributing to the betterment of the environment.

Mission To offer the best customer service and great quality of lab grown diamond Jewellery.

We sell genuine LAB GROWN DIAMONDS not simulants like
moissanite or diamond coated crystals.

Why our Lab Grown Diamonds are better than Earth Mined Diamonds?

  • ECO Friendly, does not cause damage to our nature mother Earth
  • 100% Conflict free i.e free from Force labor and Terrorism
  • Hardness Same as Earth mined diamonds.
  • Chemically and Optically Same, All Lab Grown Diamonds are 100?rbon and fire, luster and reflection are same like Earth mined diamonds.
  • Rare, TYPE II A diamonds which are rare diamonds as referred by GIA
  • Pocket Friendly, Lab Grown diamond prices are nearly 35 to 45 percent lower than Earth mined diamonds.
  • Lab Certified All our diamonds are either GIA or IGI certified.
  • Even a jeweler cannot make out difference by physical or Microscopic examination 
Lab Grown Diamond

Our diamond
jewelry collection

We have more than 9 year of experience in the field of Diamonds and Jewelry manufacturing and have proved to be a top supplier to the best of the Retailers in the Industry. Our state of art manufacturing facility and designing expertise helps us to make Fine Diamond Jewelry. All our jewelry comes with a Better Earth Certification card and a Buy back Guarantee.

Why customer should buy lab grown diamonds instead of mined diamonds?

All our cvd lab grown diamonds are type II A which are considered "purest of the pure". Only less than 2 percent of the mined diamonds are identified as type 2 A. It is true that only rich and famous have been able to afford these ultra rare, incredibly pure and extremely beautiful diamonds, until now. Better Earth Diamonds makes it possible for you to own the rarest, purest and most beautiful of all diamonds, at an affordable price, if you can have the best, why would you settle for anything less?